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      Tattoo After Care

  • Remove the dressing after 3 hrs and wash your tattoo twice or thrice with a mild soap or a face wash, then pat it dry & live it open. Continue to do the washing at least for 3 days without re-bandaging your tattoo.
  • After 3days don't wash your tattoo, u can bath or shower but make sure that you don't soak the tattoo too long in water.
  • When your tattoo start drying up, apply a little amount of cream given to you and massage it over your tattoo (remember too much cream will damage your tattoo).
  • Avoid getting sunlight or dust on your tattoo for three weeks.
  • Wear loose clothing as much as possible. Avoid sleeping on your tattoo. Do not work-out or swim at least for 15 days.
  • After few days you may see a light scab forming on your tattoo, make sure u don't pick that off, let them peel off automatically.
  • You may feel some kind of itching sensation on you tattoo but please don't try any kind of manipulations on it.
  • Once the scabs fall off it is followed by a white flaky coat, at this point the tattoo looks pale and dull, start using a moisturizer over it (regular moisturizing make your tattoo dark).
  • Remember your tattoo is an open wound on your skin so please doesn't let anyone touch it, till the time it gets healed.
  • With proper care and precautions you will end up having a crisp tattoo.
  • If you are exposing your tattoo to sunlight after 3weeks, we strongly recommend you to use SPF-60 cream/lotion.
  • If at all you have any queries please get in touch with us. Thanks...